Review: Red Mountains – Slow Wander

Stoners and psychonauts rejoice! Red Mountains are back with what could be my favourite album to date.

Picture the scene: a hard night out and you’re already feeling your liver angrily overworking to keep up with the final round before you brave the embracing cold of a dark morning. It’s 3am, there’s nothing going on around you, in some ways peaceful as you carry a less resilient friend back to their flat. Drunk and unsleeping from Jaeger-bombs – your less than conscious friend said they were a great idea.

You find yourself wandering through darkened silent parks and side streets towards home, the dim glow of a cigarette acts as a beacon in the enveloping pitch darkness. As you succumb to the warmth of a midsummer’s night, wisps of smoke crowd the air around you; heavy with the odor of the Benghazi Basil, isolating you from the external world as you make your slow wander home.

Red Mountains’ Slow Wander certainly invokes a world similar to this and proudly bears the genre of psychedelic rock to a new generation; relaxing and a break from more commercial bands, the quartet would likely still appease most. Slow Wander starts out slowly leading to a reverbing tone swiftly introducing their first track, “Home”, reminiscent of stoner rock of old. The heavy rhythmic undertones pair well with echoing vocals and stoner fuzz.

It’s hard to not be impressed by the band’s hazy vibe and subtle nuances across each track. There is, though, a duality to the album. Crossing between a more grunge and doom aesthetic. This helps captivate even the most dulled of minds.

Following two years of patient anticipation, fans of their last album are in for a treat! For those looking to chill out and soak in ambiance, this is the album for you.

Slow Wander came out on September 1st and it is available to order now in a variety of formats.

Red Mountains: facebook | bandcamp

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