Review: Märvel – At The Sunshine Factory

Swedish rockers Märvel are set to release their “larger than life” At The Sunshine Factory album via The Sign Records on October 7th. This being their 7th album release, it is their first LP since signing with their current label earlier this year. Being active for 15 years, this album is completely self-produced. The band have built their own studio ‘Solskensfabriken’ to create and perfect their songs. The Moshville Times couldn’t speak highly enough of their The Hills Have Eyes EP, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this 12 track chunk of rock.

My ears were treated to a 70s-infused, instantly likable, balls-out rock n’ roll record. Swamped with face-melting riffs, militant drumming, groovy bass hooks and crisp, mellifluous vocals you can’t help but foot stomp and sing along.

“A Killing View” opens the album and sets the bar high right from the word go. An acoustic intro highlights John Steen’s sublime vocals, quickly drenched with hard hitting drums, he shreds his guitar in response and one of the most catchy choruses of the album kicks in. The album has barely started and my air guitar is already well and truly dusted off.

The album continues as it means to go on, upbeat, classic rock grooves marry up with real, and at times somber lyrics. You’ll hear influences from the classics; Kiss to Led Zeppelin, but with modern influences also such as Eagles of Death Metal and The Darkness, it’s pure feel-good rock. “Good Luck Sandy” even has The Beach Boys surf rock vibe.

“Heart and Balls” does exactly what it says on the tin and if I had to sum up the album in one song, this would be the one. Ulrik Bodstedt laying down the filthiest bass grooves, enhanced by Tony Samuelsson’s ebullient, relentless drumming and the slickest, most addictive of riffs has me grinning from ear to ear.

Heavier tracks “Smile Mr. Steen”, “Monsters in the Dark” and “Vinegar” add real depth and a harder rock edge to the album, showcasing the band’s versatility. Bluesy inspired “Step Closer” with its bleak lyrics delves into dark thoughts and losing hope and is a credit to the incredible quality of song writing on show here.

“All Over The News” and bolshy “Live & Learn” bring back the party, laden with attitude – you’ll be instantly hooked. The production is simply sublime, ingeniously highlighting the individual musicianship on show, particularly beautiful in acoustic driven “Angela” which is the perfect closer to this striking album.

Whatever your rock genre, there’s something for everyone on here. Fun loving rock n’ roll with a modern, hard rock twist that will lure you into its strong addictive melodies, you’ll want to hit repeat again and again.


  1. A Killing View
  2. The Secret Grand Prix
  3. Goodluck Sandy
  4. Heart & Balls
  5. Smile Mr. Steen
  6. Monsters Grow In The Dark
  7. Child
  8. Step Closer
  9. All Over The News
  10. Live & Learn
  11. Vinegar
  12. Angela

Märvel: official | facebook | twitter | instagrambandcamp

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