Review: Psython – Hatred

Kicking myself – this album came out on September 1st and we’ve been lucky enough to have it for ages… only I missed the release date on my calendar hence this belated post. Sorry, Psython!

If it’s any consolation, it’s a damn fine album and a definite step up in gear from last year’s …Outputs which Marianne really liked. While the sound of both is quite similar, Hatred just seems a bit more angry and abusive, which suits the title.

There are sections in first track “Jörmungandr” which could pass for Exodus, such is the blistering pace along with the saw-edged vocals. But there’s more than just thrash in the mix, here. There’s an edge of tech and, something funky now and again and the ability to drop things right down to a doom/post-metal level with “Old Man” which grinds out the final ten minutes of the record.

There’s no denying that the core sound, though, is a thrash one. “Battery Life” barely slows down at any point but is nothing compared to the ferocity of “Ten Pounds” later on. “Hashtrap” is more brutal than any thrash song despite having what’s probably the closest to “sung” vocals on the album, really ramping up the violence, and brings in some of the best flurried guitar solos as well as a nice bass break. After a few listens, I’d probably list it as my favourite track of the nine on offer.

One hint for you is to ensure you have a bit of bass in the mix when you listen to the album. I thought it was kind of OK listening to it through headphones the first few times, but really got into it once I banged it on the stereo with the settings tweaked a bit. This is an album with some meat to it – don’t sell yourself short in the listening experience.

If you liked the first album, then you have to get Hatred. For those new to Psython, it’s as good a jumping-on point as …Outputs and shows continued dedication to the art of neck-snapping. You can pick it up as a stream, download or CD via their bandcamp page.

Psython: facebook | twitter | bandcamp

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