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Review: The New Roses – One More For the Road

I had a lot of fun catching these guys recently in my local rock bar and interviewing them. I am now thrilled to be able to review their latest offering to the rock n’ roll altar: One More For The Road. This is the band’s third album and follows the success of their first two albums Without a Trace and Dead Man’s Shoes. Title track from Without a Trace was used in the popular TV series Sons of Anarchy and was chosen as the official song of the German trailer campaign.

This album feels like exceptional value for money with its 14 tracks (including 3 bonus tracks) to keep your rock n’ roll cup filled and overflowing.

Hailing from Germany but speaking and singing with perfect English, Timmy Rough brings a mature and confident vocal approach to rival the most prolific rock frontmen. Norman (guitar), Hardy (bass) and Urban (drums) complete the members of this extremely talented quartet.

First track “Quarter to Twelve” shows off this talent and delivers a fast-paced tune to get you into the groove of the rest of the album.

Highlights for me are “My Own Worst Enemy” which brings the pace and mood down a level adding in some anthemic, layered vocals in the chorus yet maintaining a catchy, bouncy groove and bassline.

“Consider Me Gone” has everything you would want in a Southern-style bluesy rock song. There is talk of bullets and heartbreak and a great vocal bridge before the final chorus builds up and plays out.

Lyrically, “Every Wild Heart” appeals to me as it portrays the sense of travelling. You could really imagine this blaring out of a convertible Cadillac cruising the US highways, wind in your hair.

It’s not until track eight that we hear our first slower song. Yes, “Fight You Leaving Me” is a ballad really, but again with these guys, it’s not cheesy or clichéd, it’s just done incredibly well. They are putting their stamp of quality all over bluesy southern rock n’ roll right here.

The album covers elements of every classic rock band you’ve ever witnessed but wrapped up in The New Roses’ unique style. They don’t sound like they are copying anyone in particular despite being able to hear influences from AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, The Almighty and even a little Bon Jovi. What sets The New Roses apart is that they do it so well and you can feel their love for the genre just dripping off every song.

Chatting to Timmy previously it was clear that he has a passion for music, rock in particular, but also its roots in blues, soul and R&B. All this emanates track by track on this fantastic collection of straight up no messin’ rock n’ roll songs.

You can catch The New Roses on their European tour this autumn/winter which includes two UK dates:

  • Hard Rock Hell, Wales, November 10th
  • Iron Road, Evesham, November 11th

One More For The Road is out today

The New Roses: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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