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Review: Mitochondrion – Antinumerology

Mitochondrion are one of those select few bands that are unclassifiable and along with Portal, Mitochondrion have perplexed those who have listened to their art since their inception in 2003. Mitochondrion are a Canadian four-piece band who have released only two full lengths in this time, however, word in the underground is that they are soon to be releasing a new album. In the meantime, and to keep us salivating for this new release, Mitochondrion have re-released Antinumerology EP through Krucyator Productions.

A three track EP clocking in at a mere twelve minutes but filled with extreme acts of controlled aural violence. First track “Insummation” opens with almost black metal riffs, blast beats and deathly vocals low in the mix, which encapsulates a haunting and eerie feel. The song then slows down where vocalists SH and NY focuses on lowering their voice to the lowest that it can go, reminding me of early Incantation. As I keep saying, I love bands with dual vocalists as it brings that much more variety and depth to a song and Mitochondrion are no different. I particularly liked this part of the song as its just downright heavy, guttural and awe inspiring. This song is more than six minutes in length and it has absolutely everything in it from black metal with death like chanting vocals, frantic riffs amidst slow passages. Quite simply, this is stunning musicianship and I couldn’t wait to see how the next song compared.

“137 Mors Formulae” is more of the same, with the incredible drumming of KG and frantic riffs with the song flying by in a mere couple of minutes. The band shows that they are all technically proficient in their art, especially in their creation of harrowing riffs that are not too far away from the aforementioned Portal. Final song on the EP and title track “Antinumerology” starts of with a hypnotic melody that sucks you right in and this instrumental is a fitting way to end this EP with a haunting, unyielding and destructive, Mitochondrion know how to keep us wanting more.

Mitochondrion have been lurking in the depths for too long in between releases but just like something Lovecraftian, they are summoning their inner demons and will soon unleash their new chapter to the world.  You have been warned!!!

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