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Review: Carousel Vertigo – Revenge of Rock and Roll

Following on from their debut 2009 five-track Carousel Vertigo EP and 2013’s debut album, Mighty, comes the new album Revenge of Rock and Roll; the second by Carousel Vertigo which will be released by Molano Music on September 29, 2017.

No More Hesitatin’“, the first track and also first single from the new album, has Vincent in fine bluesy vocal form with Jansen and he trading licks all over. A fabulous layered track with a much more mature sound from the band with hints of Steven Tyler in some of the vocals.

“Honey Do” bounces in with an old school early 70s Status Quo vibe, riffing guitars and honky tonk piano. I have a big grin, foot tapping away all the way through this; this track will have you bouncing about without a care in the world.

The title track now with Revenge of Rock and Roll”, a real rock n’ roll track complete with a stunning horn section and piano throughout. This track keeps the foot tapping and idiotic grin going; the boys have come a long way from 2013’s Mighty with this album.

Jackie Run Run” comes at you via early Aerosmith meets Nazareth on top form. Vincent has that voice where he can go smooth on the previous tracks to these gruff vocals which works so well on this song. The band fires away in the rear, fully supporting the vocal groove going on. The drums in particular are well in evidence here and Jimmy does a fantastic job.

We slip into low gear with “Hideaway” in ballad style with subtle hints of Dan McCafferty, a stunning yet lazy track that carries you along with some truly wonderful vocals and playing.

“Hard Luck Lover” picks up the pace a touch, but not too much, with the 70s vibe but with a modern twist. I don’t know what the boys were listening to before this album but I like it a lot. The drums are there, the bass glides along and the guitars just weave around the smooth vocals – stunning.

We “Get It On” as the guitars kick in with a “Train Kept A-Rollin'” vibe and we keep chugging on all the way through. A homage to early Aerosmith and not a bad thing at all. Steven Tyler pay attention, as this is where you should be!

The harmonica wails as we get “Well, Alright” along with heavy blues riffing guitars and Vincent’s forty-a-day kick-ass vocals. I hear hints of The Black Crowes in and out of this song, a real kick ass blues track with the feet tapping away.

“Don’t Take It To Heart” – easy for Vincent to croon as I have taken this album very much to heart. I have goosebumps with this track as he takes the vocal range into Chris Cornell territory and the guitars and organ sweep you along on a joyous musical voyage. The guitars wail away as does the rhythm section with its truly understated playing that holds you up and carries you along and you don’t want it to stop.

Sadly we reach the last track in “I May, I Might” as the organ opening sweeps us in before the guitars’ killer tones carry us further. The years between albums has done wondrous things for this band; the sound is fuller, the vocals richer. The guitars are truly wonderful here as the organ spins its magic around them and as Vincent sings all day and all night… I think “I May, I Might” have found my album of the year as the organ fades out.

I first heard and saw the band live in 2014 at Bannermans in Edinburgh and was blown away at the time, but this new album is in a different league altogether. The production is fuller, the vocals are just to die for and the band is on fire. I cannot wait to hear this album live, and hopefully won’t have to wait too long. When this comes out in September, I urge you all to get it.

The 70s has been reborn with a twist only Carousel Vertigo can manage. If you will excuse me now while I put it back on repeat, sit back, close my eyes… and smile.

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