Review: Widowmaker – Widowmaker (and new video)

Widowmaker dropped their debut EP / mini-album (it’s seven tracks… you decide what it classes as) last week and we just had to get some word out about it as it’s a wonderful slab of death/metalcore designed to shake you to the very foundations. As luck, the band today dropped a video for the aptly named “Dissonance” so you can get a taste of the thunder that awaits within Widowmaker.

Given the “-core” suffix, it goes without saying that the music will involve many twanging, deep bass plucks and this it does. In fact, they reverberate through every single track with enough power to bring buildings tumbling down. Coupled with some breakneck riffage, the whole album/EP/whatever is a tightly packaged force of destruction.

The closest band I can think of offhand in terms of “it sounds like” is Slipknot with the melodic stuff removed, replaced with additional death metal influences. There are sections to go mad to, parts that make you pogo and the whole thing is just a headbang-fest.

Check out “Dissonance” below and give the rest of the release a chance if it appeals. It’s available in many digital formats.

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