Review: Prong – Zero Days

It has been some time since we last saw the power which is Prong release a new record to add to their already strong discography. With the release of Zero Days, the band bring a new chapter to their tale as well as a new tour to accompany this storm.

We open the record with the track “However it May End”. Starting heavy and straight to the point, Prong dive headfirst in with a brutal, angry tone that really takes hold of its listeners without any question. The song itself gives fans a look at what the band has done to evolve their sound while being able to keep it down to the basics of a traditional Prong tone that really takes no mercywhen doing what they do best.

Proceeding, we hit the title track of this record “Zero Days”. As with “However it May End” we see the band keeping the ball rolling with this hard hitter that slays left, right and center. When it comes to leading the band, Tommy Victor does what he does best and the man takes control with his intense, gritty but hard hitting guitar style and mixture of smooth, aggressive vocals that help create this belter that cracks you open and strips you out from the inside.

The record so far already shows us the band’s classic older style while adding new ideas to their catalogue. What we have here is a classic record for a new age of fans.

We continue with the record’s third track “Off the Grid”, fast and groovy with a hint of relentless attitude. These are the ingredient that makes this punk-powered song what it is and how it hits. Prong always find a way of mixing things up with their material while keeping to a style and technique that stands out. Mr Victor once again churns out another powerhouse of a track with every detail of his abilities at hand.

Zero Days contains some very memorable material which holds together well, giving us an intense experience. Through the record it can be found that songs such as “The Whispers” and “Rulers of the Collective” show off what we have always known about this band, that it makes use of a mix of thrash and old school rock with a distinct yet very raw punk vibe. When worked together this can be one of the most intense moments in a young fan’s life.

Prong once again bring a new chapter to their already legendary career with this gem of a record. Zero Days includes ideas that span from the old to the very new. Whatever the future holds for these giants only time will tell, but for now we know that they are here today bringing everything they have and loving each and every second of it.

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