Review: Yorkshire Rats – Yorkshire Rats

Yorkshire Rats were formed in 2004 in the Yorkshire town of Pontefract, where Pontefract Cakes come from.* They’re an old-style punk band with a modern edge rather than the more common pop-punk of today and it makes a refreshing change to hear something older, if that makes sense.

This more classic style doesn’t detract from listenability, though – far from it. The four songs on this little collection are as barbed a set of earworms as you’re likely to hear anywhere else. Bouncy, catchy and with pretty decent lyrics I’ve had this on repeat far more than I expected when I got it. Part of the reason for this is that it’s so short with barely a handful of tracks that you’re still wrapped up in it when it comes to an end. Pressing “play” again is just so easy.

Of the four tracks, my pick would be number three – “No Way Out”. It’s just that bit more sing-along-to-able (especially the repeated refrain towards the end) and the guitar solo had my head moving from side to side. Which is 90 degrees from the norm, but seemed to fit the rhythm.

You can pre-order this compact little beauty right now from the band’s own website, but it drops on June 16th so you don’t have long to wait until it’s out anyway. It’s only a fiver, and if you pre-order then you get a signed A3 print and a mystery gift from the band as well. Bargain!

Oh, and if you want to catch them live, they’re on at the Key Club in Leeds, supporting [Spunge] on Saturday coming – tickets also from the website.

*May not be true**

**It is. I looked it up.

Yorkshire Rats: official | facebook | twitter | youtube


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