Review: WAVE – Jurassic Parkour

I can’t believe it’s been eight months already since WAVE released their last EP, The First Wave. Since then the guys have played a plethora of gigs, gained a final position in Coventry’s Metal 2 the Masses competition, released a single and produced their own activity/colouring book. Yup, you heard me! This hard rock Birmingham duo are making real waves (ahem) in the Midlands right now and I couldn’t wait to get my ears around their latest offering.

With this new EP, Jurassic Parkour, it very quickly becomes apparent that Dave Musson (guitar/vocals) and Will Stokes (drums) have really upped their game. This EP feels far denser; a fuller swell of noise. There’s no breaking the ice as first track “Jaime” comes belting out at break neck speed, a frantic drumming intro and punk vocals leave me reeling. Angry lyrics and gnarly guitar riffs give this track a real grungy edge.

The pace continues with “Gwen” a brutal assault on the ears. WAVE throw all their anger and frustration into this one. Lyrics suggestive of moving on from a dark past, packed with blast beats and scuzzy guitar riffs; it’ll have you head banging in approval.

And then there’s “Interlele” (which I’m pretty convinced is a mash up of Interlude and Ukulele), continuing initially with the very angry feel of the EP. I was surprised that by the end of the track I was actually crying with laughter! I’m not gonna spoil the joke but we’ve all fantasised about dealing with our unruly neighbour’s kids at some point right? Brilliant! I love this fun side to the band.

“Douglas” leaves me in a hot, sweaty mess. Heavy and distorted, this is a grim tale about a guy who pushes people under trains. Dark lyrics drowning under sludgy guitar tones, feedback and militant drumming just emphasises the incredible and complete sound this duo create.

EP closer and first single released is the corpulent “PJ”, abundant with beefy riffs and punk screams – this is a real ear pleaser! Bitter words are spat with intent about the perpetrator and the guys take out their animosity on their instruments, it’s like a therapy session! Ending with a prolonged guttural scream, that leaves Will offering Dave a glass of water in fits of giggles again just brings about that quirky fun element I find so endearing.

Faster, furiouser and with more depth of sound, this is a blistering second EP from WAVE! Released on the 9th June, there is a launch night on the 11th June at The Arches Venue Coventry, details are below on all the usual social media sites.

WAVE: facebook | instagrambandcamp

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