Review: Vs – Reality

Vs, a three-piece alternative rock band from Leeds, Yorkshire. Musicians whose influences come from Seattle’s finest – Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. So no pressure at all. Once those three giants are mentioned my ears prick up. I’m ready to listen to what Vs have on offer. What we have here is a 3-track EP called Reality, looking to be released 19th June. Vs features Bear on bass, Dave ‘Ego’ Branigan on drums and Neil ‘Shortie’ Short on guitar and vocals.

“Pretend” kicks off this post grunge EP. Implying it’s about not being themselves, trying to integrate into a scene they’re not comfortable in, but feel they need to by trying to pretend. The production is raw, and adds the garage sound to it. “Pretend” tells a good story.

“Listen” comes out of the blocks in a slower form. There are influences from Superunknown, the epic Soundgarden album and perhaps a hint of Pink Floyd. The guitar screeches for a split second for the song to move to a heavier plain.

And then the final track, “Again”. Neil Short commences with a guitar riff to clear the webs. Bear’s basslines on this track gives the beat a flow, mixed with standout lyric “Killing myself just to feel alive”. This is the highlight off this three track EP.

Hopefully, Vs continue this journey of theirs, to evolve and make a noise for the people of the post grunge community.

Vs: facebook | twitter | soundcloud

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