Review: Vice – The First Chapter

Bury-based metal band Vice bring to the audiences of the UK their long awaited debut full-length release entitled The First Chapter.

Combining some of rock and metal’s most powerful tones, Vice bring with them a collection of sounds that when combined together create a torrent of “Wrath” that without question bring forth something incredible and heavy as Hell on a high wire. It is easy to see that the band which has been playing shows through the last few years have taken the experience and influence and ploughed that and much more into this release.

The album opens on a high note with the track “Wrath”; a song which sends the listener through a storm of high intense tones and sounds that break walls and rebuilds with a harder, faster and stronger structure than before. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this record.

The record shows some of the band’s influences, especially when it comes to the guitar and bass tone presented. A very Machine Head-like sound is very much present in the song “Gluttony” which shows how well the band have taken in the some of the ideas of their heroes, while also adding their own flavour to the tone. The First Chapter holds a variety of sounds and styles that help to define just what the band is all about and what they are going for in the long run. If this is anything to go by, we may see a new rising star for this country to prepare for.

The variation in vocal tones is astounding, as we see lead turn to a soft but mellow form, backing turn to a chorus of intense and powerful tones which combine into something brutal but beautiful. Each and every track holds a hook hidden inside that grabs you by the collar and leads you further and further into what the band have created – a record that defines itself with powerful, dedicated parts from the drums to the bass and guitars. When all is said and done we see something that is without question an instant classic and a new chapter of metal music.

Vice have created a new standard to aim for when it comes to the music we love and admire. With any luck this is only the start in a long rich tapestry named Vice! The First Chapter will hopefully not be the last chapter for this rising force.

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