Review: Dirty Falcon – Another Man’s Ball-Ache

Dirty Falcon are a three-piece hard rock, heavy arse kicking band from London, and they have just released Another Man’s Ball-Ache. These touring ear bleeders have gigged effortlessly for us mewling quims. So here we have it, nine tracks to head bang, mosh and air guitar our souls away to.

Chris Carr – bass n’ vocals, Greg Baker on drums and Martin Inman on guitar are music scene misfits, long-time compatriots who formed in 2010 to play hard and play loud. Their last release, Never Mind the Ball-Ache…It’s Dirty Falcon, was in 2016 and features “Devil Cares”.

Dirty Falcon crunch straight in with “Spitting Feathers”. It’s loud, it’s heavy, it’s no hold barred rock music. Vocalist Chris Carr screams, with well-timed drumming by Greg Baker. Sections of the dual vocals remind me of a Pete Steele and a heavy Jim Morrison. Stand out track “Johnny Bollock” had me at hello, and they didn’t even say hello. It’s ferocious.

Go, sit in a coffee shop, play through your Bose headphones, scream “Hey Johnny… Johnny Bollock, Hey Johnny, Johnny Bollock”. It can be 2017’s answer to bogies. This is loud, but with no Dick and Dom insight.

Drummer Greg Baker in an interview said that he plays drums like he’s falling off a cliff. Great analogy, you can hear the passion on tracks such as “Fatso” and “Bad Head” to volcanic eruption proportion.

“Chicken Foot” is next up. They played this in their set during Sonic Rebellion’s metal night at Leytonstone’s Sinbin club and it’s one of my favourites off this album – “You’re sick and you’re out of touch”. It’s punk attitude… old school punk attitude. Listen to this in your office, uncover those anarchist tattoos, throw that paper cup across the water cooler. Allow this song to embrace you, cherish the moments. This has attitude. “Madness I’ve got the madness, and I’ve got it back”.

Finishing with “Just What Do You Think You’re Worth” continues the flow, but is a beast for the ear drum in a Pete Townshend ear splitting way.

Dirty Falcon improved their sound with this enjoyable album. It’s neck circling, headbanging music with guitar riffs which may need to come with parental advisory stickers. It’s fast, angry and will make your balls ache… which I’m guessing is what these three guys are hoping.

A nice one to add to their growing catalogue.

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