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Review: Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock and Roll

You can’t keep a good rock goddess down… even if they wait thirty years to release new material after putting out their third album in 1987. Formed in 1977 by sisters and permanent fixtures Jody and Julie Turner, the third cog in the machine these days is third original member and bassist Tracy Lamb. Together they’re just about to release a trio of tracks with the It’s More Than Rock and Roll EP.

With only three tracks, it makes sense to walk you through them. You can check out the title track via the video below, but it’s as good a start as you could wish for a comeback number. A heavy, slow intro to get the head nodding with a build to a rocking pre-chorus with the chorus itself being something designed for the live scenario. Come on – “It’s More Than Rock And Roll” deserves to be chanted by a crowd with their fists raised.

“Back Off” is as aggressive as the title may suggest and the sound, like that on the other tracks, harkens back to a day when wearing leather and denim was a statement of your lifestyle and beliefs. Simple, chunky riffs backed with a shouty chorus.

The highlight for me is the namechecking “We’re All Metal” which couldn’t be cheesier if it was wrapped in red wax. Along the lines of one of the album-fillers we used to get from Sabaton (though with more of an old-school metal sound), it reels off many of the great things about metal – patches, denim, beer, liquor, Led Zep, Angus – to a chugging rhythm. Simple, effective, and once more with the shouty chorus.

Rock Goddess seem to have the formula right. They’ve not released anything new in thirty years, but barring the modern production this collection could have come out in 1989. Why attempt to improve on the classic recipe?

It’s More Than Rock And Roll is out on May 19th. It can be pre-ordered via iTunes or the band’s own store.

Rock Goddess: facebook | bigcartel

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