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Review: Mallory – Sonora RF Part II

Parisian quartet Mallory release Sonora RF Part II, the follow up to Part I. A road movie in the form of blues, rock riffs, mainly French with some English lyrics and a captivating story of Mallory, a woman at the age of 47 who meets four French musicians in a bar. She then recounts the story of her life.

Gone from her birthplace in Mississippi, traveling through the United States, unwittingly caught in a robbery that ends up bad, Mallory is now jailed in Sonora penitentiary, Mexico.

The record starts with an early Nirvana sound, “Riot”; a female giggle “Let’s burn this place.” A heavy riff kicks off this fast, hard, angst riddled track. “Plan B” slows down the early mood, French lyrics entwined with a peaceful guitar riff. A good start.

“Day 257” reminds me of how barbershop quartet with melancholy would sound. It’s dark. Mallory certainly take us on a ride of music telling the story of emotion.

Influences range through The Doors/Hendrix/Led Zeppelin with vocals from the grunge era. “Dilemma” is a highlight. Whether in French or English their strong tone of blues rock, allows the grooves to flow, add, and then take over.

Last two items on the list, “Last Days”, an instrumental and “Twenty Legs”; the feel of the record changes, as the story moves on. “Twenty Legs” has no aggression while furthering the story of Mallory the woman who is unwittingly caught up in a robbery.

The concept of this record is an intriguing idea. A woman who meets a band, a band that tells her story. A story that’s given scope for four albums. A birth place for listeners to engulf their imagination with lyrics provided by these guys from Paris

Personally, the school I frequented gave you the opportunity to learn German or French. I was told to go to the German class. As such I cannot understand the French lyrics, but music has many ears, many guises and their sound is rock… unadulterated rock.

Sonora RF Part II is out now

Mallory: official | facebook

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