Review: Those Who Knew – New Perspective (EP)

Nottingham’s new alt-rock five-piece recently caught my attention when they followed me on Twitter. A female blue-haired drummer and a good band name meant I explored them further. A couple of weeks later their promo email for the new EP arrived in our mailbox so I felt destined to pick this one up.

Singer Danny Graves’ vocals are accomplished, clean and powerful. He parades a broad vocal range with oodles of conviction. The triple guitar attack (from Danny Peet, lead guitar; Jordan Toal, rhythm guitar; Joe Miller, bass guitar) creates an impressive and full sound without sounding too blurred. Emily Hall’s drums underpin the rhythm section providing a driving force through these four superb ditties.

Influences are cited as Paramore, Lower Than Atlantis and Deaf Havana and I can certainly imagine this quintet reaching similar levels of justified recognition sometime soon. The catchy single “Losing Touch” has been given a good head start on BBC Introducing and has proved to be a firm favourite at the band’s live shows up and down the country. It even conjures up a little My Chemical Romance feel for me.

Third track “Seventeen” is full of purpose and emotion and again showcases Danny’s extensive vocal range. It’s a summery tune and will provide the perfect backdrop for not only getting ready to go out on a balmy Friday night but for sitting in a field at a festival too.

Final track “Nothing Left to Lose” feels heavier and has a faster attack yet remains light and upbeat. I personally would love the guitars on this to be crunchier and grungier to go with the sentiment of the song. The key change took me by surprise and it almost spoils an otherwise excellent song.

On the whole, there’s no denying that Those Who Knew have a mountain of talent among them and certainly look set for great things and a long career ahead of them. They play The Little John in Ravenshead on Sunday 30th April so pop along, jump about to the bouncy tunes and check them out.

New Perspective is due for release on Friday 28th April

Those Who Knew: officialfacebook | twitter | youtube | soundcloud

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