Review: Sumo Cyco – Opus Mar

I had the awesome experience of interviewing Skye, also known as Sever, on Sumo Cyco’s last UK tour and since then I have been looking forward to hearing the new album from the Canadian punk metallers. I was not disappointed! The sound you hear from Sumo is certainly not what you expect from a woman who once opened for a fifty date Britney Spears tour.

The opening track “Anti-Anthem”, Sever described as her favourite track of the album and I can really hear why. From the awesome guitar riffs building into the first verse to the catchy chorus, this track holds your attention from the outset.

Another favourite of mine is “Move Mountains” featuring Benji Webb of Skindred. From the beginning it is heavy and brutal. Yet when Sever starts to sing, it is something more than the usual heavy track we regularly hear. I found myself nodding along and unexpectedly enjoying Benji’s vocals too.

A shout-out must go to the rest of the band: Matt on guitar, Thor on bass and Matt (a different one…) on drums certainly brought this track to life both on an album and at their awesome gig I had the pleasure of attending on Saturday 25th (at the Talking Heads in Southampton).

For me, the closing track of the album “Building Castles” was my personal favourite. With Skye’s amazing vocals and Matt’s truly epic guitar playing you can’t fail to love this track. Then to add to this, the message in the lyrics which I’m sure many will empathise with.

All in all, this is an album I can see myself listening to regularly and I look forward to hearing more from Sumo Cyco. I think this is a band who are here to stay. Between this awesome album, their ability to bring a room to life, their gigs and their fantastic rapport with fans, Sumo Cyco can do no wrong for me.

Track list:

  1. Anti-Anthem
  2. Free Yourself
  3. Move Mountains ft. Benji Webbe
  4. Passengers
  5. Brave II
  6. Sleep Tight
  7. Rivalry
  8. Kids of Calamity
  9. Can’t Put Me Out
  10. Words
  11. The Broadcasters (Murdering by Radio)
  12. Rally
  13. Building Castles

Sumo Cyco: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram | myspace | tumblr

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