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Review: Resurrect The Machine – Uncover The Truth

One of the most popular discussions at Moshville Times and indeed amongst metalheads everywhere is the number of genres and sub genres that loosely fall under the rock and metal banner. Of course, we all laugh at the amount of sub sub (even sub) genres that seemed to be spawned at every minute but in many ways it is actually a great testament to the versatility and talent of the metal scene and if anything this only grows and astounds me on a yearly basis. These tags do serve a purpose though and they help point you in the direction of the type of music you may like and want to check out amongst a scene that is teeming with undiscovered talent.

Resurrect The Machine made me think of these conversations because they themselves are an interesting proposition, especially in 2017. Many genres have lasted the decades, some have developed into new sub genres and some seem to be a moment in time. Resurrect The Machine at first listen fall into this latter category. There are instant overtones of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal; think Judas Priest and Dio and you will get a flavor of where we are at.

The band themselves reside in Los Angeles and there is also a nod to the early 80’s Bay Area metal scene within their palette. Strangely, I have very little information about this band and what is even more confusing is that this appears to be a re-release of their 2014 debut album. The lack of information may suggest that this was never promoted properly the first-time round. They have, it appears, literally Resurrected The Machine.

So yes, they are a little bit retro, we know little about them other than the passion for music but If Uncover The Truth was my lasting legacy to the world I would be damn happy. For an album that really could have been released at any time in the last forty years it is still played with a virtuosity and passion that makes it an engaging record. It somehow sounds like a record you loved when you first got into metal.

Album opener “Rush” is a stormer and is probably that first example of this inherent familiarity that you feel throughout the album. It is straight in with some heavy riffs but it is when the vocals join in that you are taken on that nostalgic journey. Oddly enough, whilst so familiar it is still new and fresh and you can’t quite actually point to what it exactly sounds like. What is evident is that Resurrect The Machine are accomplished songwriters. The almost Ozzy like vocals are interjected with some heavy riffs but also some breakdown riffs changing the pace; if only momentarily. This is played fast and hard and builds as the song progresses.

“Cannibal” is worth a mention as a song. It has a relatively understated opening compared to the other tracks but it has an engaging pace and structure to the song that makes it sneak up on you and quietly implants itself into your subconscious. It’s typical of the way this album works. It is an album that just is, and as a result, it’s like it should always have been.

“Headed For The Sun” is a timeless classic in the making. I have already mentioned that it is like a timeshift on this album and this is another prime example. Simple in terms of its structure it has a strong 70s feel. To me it has a subtle flavor of Led Zeppelin delivered by Dio. Again, it’s the 80s style riffs that open the song and give it it’s pace and structure and you seriously cannot help but be nodding along. Vocally time and time again I am reminded of something or someone (a touch of Rainbow, a little Coverdale) but it is never quite that; something else. Somehow Resurrect the Machine have succeeded to sound like their heroes whilst not actually copying them and this is no mean feat.

Album Closer “Resurrect The Machine” is one of my favourites on this album. For me this has a stronger American sounding route despite its initial Judas Priest opening verses. Oddly the folder I kept this album in for review, the playlist runs straight into Suicidal Tendencies latest album and it is almost seamless when it comes to the overall sound and guitars as the one album runs into the other; if not vocally. To top it all we are treated to typically showy guitar solo to end.

So, we may not be sure of Resurrect the Machine’s story, or entirely sure why this album appears to have been re-released but if you missed it the first time then make sure you don’t the second time round. This is the sound of your youth, of your heritage, this is yesterday and today all rolled into one. You perhaps won’t be able to say exactly why but this is the album missing from your recent release list. Its more than an ear worm, it is the sound of metal as we have always wanted.

Uncover The Truth is out on April 21st

Resurrect The Machine: facebook | reverbnation

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