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Review: Mortiis – The Great Corrupter

In 2016 we saw Mortiis re-emerge after a six-year gap from when they had released their previous record Perfectly Defect. With the release of the band’s last record, The Great Deceiver, we saw a new light flash before our eyes as we had seen the return of a man with a vision. Very powerful but also very destructive. From this we see a musical piece that brings together everything that we had wanted.

With the success of The Great Deceiver the band had allowed fellow musicians from all areas of the industrial music scene to come forth and experiment with the tracks, remixing and redoing a formula and creating something new and exciting. Today we are embarking on the journey of the final step of The Great Deceiver and welcome The Great Corrupter.

We start with “The Great Leap” which has been redone by industrial legends Godflesh. When you mix two icons of the scene into one track you may wonder what may come of it. The result itself is a track which takes the heavy, raw and tormented vocals of Mortiis, adding a heavy but very saturated backing tone which, as it does, brings in the guitar and drum tone while giving the vocals more life than the rest of the track. From what we can see the track gives us the best of both elements and allows us to really take in what creative juices were flowing. By far a great song in itself but when reworked, it has a new life to give it focus.

Already the record shows some very high points with these collaborations within the remixes of these songs, but what else can we really look for within this remixed record?

Well, the song “Doppelganger” remixed by Die Krupps for one. This song brings speed, tempo and a damn catchy rhythm which is rather brilliant to listen to. Die Krupps brings a new element to this track, almost as if it is allowing it to breathe in a larger way. We see that the song is able to go from a fast upbeat tempo to something able to pause then return onto its rampage. By far this track has caught my attention and is certainly a favourite on this record.

The record also features previously unreleased material which has been blended in. From this we can see that the band wanted to make something that would make a long-lasting impression on fans who have followed the band through the early years to now. It is quite remarkable to see something of this calibre and to listen to it is a treat for the ears.

There are a variety of songs that this record has been able to present to listeners, fans and even newcomers. Some of these even include material by <PIG > who have been touring with Mortiis recently on their new album run. <PIG>, who contribute to the record’s “Too Little Too Hard” bring a very different touch to this track by adding something rather demented but heavy at the same time. This is something that takes you in one direction and tosses you the other with this slow but immense slice of industrial monstrosity. It is safe to say that when it comes to bands <PIG> add something rather evil but also something catchy.

Most times you hear a remixed record and often it will not really hit home for most listeners, but with this there is something that really catches the ear in the way it has been patiently done. One track in particular really takes a step forward: from the start of the beat we can already tell just who it is and what is about to happen, entitled “Hard to Believe”. The man in question is, in fact, Chris Vrenna of industrial legends Nine Inch Nails. This song has beat, it has a great feel to it, and it sounds perfect through headphones. This is the type of track that really reminds us of the song “The Hand That Feeds” as it has that type of beat which leads straight into each guitar part showing Mr Vrenna’s trademark sound and technique to which is highly recognisable through this track.

Many bands have, in the past, tried this method before. Another record that would come close is Rammstein’s Made in Germany. Something does tickle the mind here that with this record we see a new side to the band in terms of how well their material is able to blend with these musician’s ideas and how they come out is simply wonderful. It hosts a variation of ideas which when played through at the right level and the right place can create a massive tunnel of sound and inspiration that seem to show just what this band were after.

The Great Corrupter is released 21st April

Mortiis: facebook | twittersoundcloud | youtube | bandcamp

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