Review: Quick and Dirty – Falling Down

Quick and Dirty are an English-speaking four-piece rock band based in Paris, France. Comprised of lead guitarist Fabrice David, lead singer and guitarist Ludo Caussin, Laurent Cirri on drums and bassist Tanguy Poirier. Falling Down, their debut EP, came about via a fundraising campaign.

Wow! As soon as the first track starts “Falling Down”, I find myself head swaying, foot tapping, loving it! Already a firm favourite when I am just a minute into that first track!  It feels a little sleazy, with a great rock beat to it, almost bluesy.

This is followed by “I Was Born”, a track which starts with a guitar solo before we hear something a little heavier as the rest of the band joins. The vocals start, all deep and moody before the catchy chorus of ‘Let me out, let me out, I’m so lonely / Let me out, let me shout, I was born….’

“Trust Me” again is very catchy. An intro of almost a minute before the vocals from Ludo Caussin. Definitely a little creepy, speaking about being on Craigslist, a weird little laugh when describing himself as ‘flesh and bone’. Feels a bit ‘Vampire Lestat’ – very old school rock and blues.

My favourite track of the EP is “Would You Like to Dance”. It’s almost glam rock; it has me picturing guys with long hair, head swinging and super tight trousers and women throwing themselves on stage. A great chorus with fantastic riffs from Fabrice David and Caussin and an upbeat sound.

This is an EP I know I will be listening to time and time again and I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and buying it. This pop-punk princess stepped out of her comfort zone and she’s certainly glad she did!

Falling Down is released on 17th March

Quick and Dirty: facebook

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