Review: Lets Play God – Leader Among Equals Part I

I first encountered Lets Play God when they hit the Horrorfly stage at Wildfire last year, and we even had time for a chat with them on the day. Well, the apostrophe-shirking buggers are back with a four-track EP of riffing goodness, Leader Among Equals Part I.

It actually dropped a few weeks ago, and the band sent it to me in good time but [NOTE: insert pathetic excuse here before publication]. It’s been given a good listening to and it rocks very big balls indeed, even four weeks after it came out (sorry again).

Leader Among Equals is a collection of heavy, simple riffs joined together with the kind of lyrics you can sing along to in the car, if you want to annoy your children as they cower in the back seat. “Spittin’ Blood” wasted no time with an intro you can bounce to it before turning the anger on full belt, for the sludgy ride through the main body and Trendkill-era Pantera ending.

“The Curse Defies The Will” is my personal favourite of the four, with a heavy bass beat capable of rocking the foundations of the sturdiest building. Common across all the tracks, the short flurries of guitar solo are enough to give a quick break without lessening the overall pace.

Third track “It’s My Life (To Kill)” again comes in heavy, and remains relentless throughout. Another angry track, you get the feeling that this band are a little annoyed about something…

The EP comes to a premature end with “Earthquake Commence”, which once more has the foundations rumbling. If Lets Play God don’t have your neck rattling, they’ll destroy your internal organs with low frequency sound waves.

This destructive collection can be yours by heading to the band’s online store.

Lets Play God: facebook | soundcloud | reverbnation | bigcartel

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