Review: Coast to Coast – The Length of a Smile

Coast to Coast are a Birmingham-based pop punk band. Their new EP, The Length of a Smile is due for release almost a year on from their debut EP. Coast to Coast consist of vocalist Kieran Hyland, Ales Edge on lead guitar, rhythm guitarist Josh Taylor, bass guitarist Zak Taylor and Jake Oseland on drums.

“Ajax” starts with gentle guitar before building with drums and bass, a nice chilled track with soft lyrics with much feeling. It is great to hear Hyland, a Birmingham vocalist singing with his lilting Birmingham accent. All too often we here British pop punk acts singing with a distinctly west coast US accent. This track is followed by “Geranium”, a heavier track with a much more pop punk feel to it. A song which builds straight from the get-go. A chorus which is catchy and keeps you listening along to this track.

My favourite track on the EP, “Post Graduation”, is about leaving university, the anxieties which go with this despite having a less than perfect time at uni. Something I feel a lot of people can empathise with. It again has a catchy chorus.

This EP was easy to listen to and whilst I didn’t find it an overly ‘stand out’ listen, I certainly can see how it appeals to some. I just prefer my pop punk a little more upbeat.

The Length of a Smile is released on 24th March

Coast to Coast: facebook | bandcamp

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