Review: Wizards of Gore – Tales of PartyPornoGoreGrind

Right, this is a silly one. Got to love the bands that are in it for the LOLZ, and Wizards of Gore are definitely tongue in rotted, slashed cheek. Tales of PartyPornoGoreGrind has a run-length closer to that of an EP despite hosting eleven tracks (a few of which are spoken word), but what’s there is delightful, suckening fun.

The songs vary from the brutally heavy (“Grinding the Granny”) to silly and danceable (“Funky Shit Drakkar”). Vocals sound like a very irate pig being anally abused by a psychotic nun wielding something she got from Ann Summers as a Secret Santa present. Backing them up are crazy drums, thumping bass and some simple guitar riffage. Some great little numbers that you can get really wrapped up in, then feel guilty about after as you cry yourself to sleep, you sick bastard.

There’s a definite Harry Potter feel to the second half of the album including a very strange “argument” as the closer which makes me think that the band are from Croatia (as they claim) by way of Glasgow.

It’s embedded below and you can buy it for a Euro or more, which is small change for the entertainment value. Goregrind fans won’t feel ripped off. Oh, and check out one of our previous roundups to see an actual granny dancing to the opening song.

Tales of PartyPornoGoreGrind is out now

Wizards of Gore: facebook | twitterbandcamp | youtube

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