Review: Unruly Child – Can’t Go Home

The original members of the legendary melodic hard rock quintet Unruly Child have reunited to release a brand new album with Frontiers Music entitled Can’t Go Home.

The first track, ‘The Only One’ is a chilled rock track; it starts the album as it means to go on, with excellent guitar solos and fantastic vocals. Marcie Free has an awesome vocal range which is put to good use. 

The second track “Four Eleven” puts me in the mind of watching Top Gun, the sound of great mid-eighties classic rock.  

“Get On Top” ironically, given the name, makes me feel like I’m being serenaded! It’s a little sleazy, a little sexy and yet somehow manages not to make you feel like an inconsequential piece of ass, something that can result from listening to some bands one could name!

The final track of the album, “Someday Somehow”, starts a little more upbeat than previous tracks. It has more “foot-tappability” to it than previous tracks.  More “Rock of Ages”, less “chill”.

To be honest this whole album takes me back to rock of the mid-eighties and that is not a bad thing. This kind of rock has been missing from a market currently saturated with screaming metal and pop-punk.  Now that is not to say we are not a fan of either but I have missed good, classic rock!  I guess the only downside to the album is each track is very similar, however is that a bad thing when every track is so good?

If you are looking for solid classic rock album, then this is the album for you; a little predictable but good listening.

Track List:

  1. The Only One
  2. Four Eleven
  3. Driving Into The Future
  4. Get On Top
  5. See If She Floats
  6. She Can’t Go Home
  7. Point Of View
  8. Ice Cold Sunshine
  9. When Love Is Here
  10. Sunlit Sky
  11. Someday Somehow

Can’t Go Home is out now

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