Review: The Final Clause of Tacitus – Peace in Chaos EP

The town of Reading is part of musical history. For many years the Reading Festival has been home to many legends
of rock performing each and every year. The town now have someone new for tongues to wag about.  A four piece, who go by the name of The Final Clause of Tacitus. Their funk rock sound will associate them with Red Hot Chili Peppers and/or Rage Against the Machine. A live sound which has seen them support the likes of Crazy Town and Electric 6.

Here we have their debut EP Peace in Chaos. Seven tracks to get the blood pumping around the body. “7 Years” opens with pure unadulterated funk, reminiscent of the Incubus debut EP and Enjoy Incubus. With the attitude of Anthony Keidis running through this track, it basically flows fun.

These four guys have some undoubtable aggression. “Give them Blood” is their first release. The intensity of Matt (the lead vocalist) stands out, almost as how Senser were and can be. The vocals are eloquently formed with these heavy riffs, their foundations are being built.

“Without Resolve” they tell us that you “Can’t stop the inevitable / Everything is questionable”. Lyrics are spat out in a manner reminiscent of  Suicidal Tendencies’ Cyco Mike Muir.

With the bass plucked like an infectious groove, ready to partake in this world, “Snake Town” is the funk that fits right. These guys come into their own on this one, hearing their influences, but not being overwritten by the memory of those who came before them.

The Final Clause of Tacitus have offered us some ear sex. It is dirty, fast, angry, and exactly what’s needed on a Monday morning. Oh, they are British as well! A great band to look out for and Peace in Chaos is a very an enjoyable EP.

Peace in Chaos is released on February 24th

The Final Clause of Tacitus: official | facebook | twitter

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