Review: Pink Pussycats from Hell – Hell-P

Buried deep in Hellsinki, a remote village amongst the forests of Portugal, lives a mad hunter and a dangerous rabbit. Two characters who normally wouldn’t or couldn’t mix… but they do. The two are collectively known as the Pink Pussycats from Hell.

One guitar with one set of drums blends into a formation that’s become the norm for the past few years. Rock duos do work, as proven by Akron’s very own The Black Keys, along with The Graveltones, Hyena Kills, White Stripes and the Kills. This, however, is a duo of a hunter and rabbit who have just released a 13-track record, Hell-P.

Twelve of the thirteen tracks has “Hell” in the title – “Hellzheimer”, “Hellbow”, “Hellvolution” – but,there’s one, that doesn’t: “Money” is a cover of those rascals from Liverpool, the Beatles.

A grinding guitar riff opens introduction song, “Hello”. Mad Hunter’s gravelly voice announces to the listener, “That’s how.”  Yep, that is how you start off a record. A Nicholson-esque greeting of smashing through a bathroom door with an axe.

These songs have something many others don’t, the enjoyment factor with darkness. “Hellga” has this in abundance. It’s wonderfully crazy, beautifully off the wall, with a riff that’s menacingly soft. The vocal is how frustration would be vented. “My name is Hellga and I’m six feet tall” vocalised with maniacal angst.

Hell-P flies by, as each song barely hits the four-minute mark. Strap yourself in and prepare for “Hellvetica”. How many bands do you know that have a font style as a track title? These guys need to be heard.

Pink Pussycats from Hell’s garage sound is exceptional. The mad hunter and danger rabbit have created a hellish sound. Imagine them live, which enables the mind to see Iggy Pop crashing around their stage, wondering which car insurance to sign up with. This isn’t standing still music, its One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest rock music.

Welcome to the Hellvolution, The Pink Pussycats from Hell have arrived and you may need to make an appointment with a counsellor.

Hell-P is out now and you can [amazon text=grab it on Amazon&asin=B01MDRIXK3] (sponsored link).

PPFH: official | facebook

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