Review: Gold – Optimist

After the success of their 2015 release No Image, Gold have sprung back with their recent release. I really didn’t know what to expect with this album – but I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed with what I heard. As their last release received so much praise from journalists and music lovers, I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to exceed expectations but somehow they’ve completely nailed it.

Optimist has a chilled-out grungy vibe which I completely adore. It even unveils a deeper meaning as lead vocalist, Milena Eva unravels her raw emotions, insecurities, self-doubt and internal struggles. The message she is conveying here is stunning. You can hear the emotion and grit in her voice as she sings – it really is an inspirational and moving piece of work. I felt closely connected to the music for the whole duration – I know that sounds incredibly cheesy but it’s true.

The six-piece from The Netherlands really have captured everything in Optimist. The chilled yet bold riffs and Milena’s vocals compliment each other so beautifully. In “Teenage Lust”, you really can hear this.  The vocals stand out and it honestly sends shivers down my spine – it was so beautifully haunting to hear. Her voice is soothing; I love it that much that she’s earned a top spot as my favourite female front-person.

After discovering Gold, I have been listening to all of their previous releases, all of which are unique but all so incredibly breathtaking to listen to. There’s really nothing as beautiful as the vocals and the way everything just fits together lyrically. I can honestly say that this wouldn’t be my usual listen but I am completely shocked with how pleased I am to have discovered this gem.

I can’t think what I’d compare this album to because there’s really nothing else that has moved me like that in a long time. It’s such a unique and experimental approach to the rock scene. They have completely sold this idea to me and I really do enjoy the concept. I love to find music which stands out from the rest – and that’s exactly what Gold have done with Optimist.

Optimist is released on 24th February

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