Review: Eve to Adam – Odyssey

Eve to Adam have been around a while and already know how to be a hard-working rock band. They’ve played with some big names (Motley Crue, Creed, In This Moment, Halestorm etc.) and toured extensively throughout the US. This experience gives them the perfect platform to be able to take their music into a new dimension, and I like what they have done.

It’s not a vast departure from their signature sound. They still remain firmly rooted in Eve to Adam hard rock/modern rock territory with Taki Sassaris’s engaging vocals, the clean guitars (Markus Wells and Matt Spaker) and the ever rock-solid drumming from Alex Sassaris. But the endeavour into the industrial and electronic soundscape is a match made in heaven and a relevant and fitting representation of our current digital times.

It can sometimes just take finding the right team at the right time and the stars aligning to make a serious breakthrough – could this be happening right now for Eve to Adam? They’ve certainly pulled in some substantial help from album producer Elvis Baskette (Alter Bridge, Slash, Falling in Reverse, Trivium) and top selling music producer and DJ Zardonic.

The album blasts open with “Altitude” and administers a healthy dose of head-bobbing modern rock and an ample taster of the new sound. Now with my batteries fully charged I advance expectantly ahead to next track and lead single “Tongue Tied” – a high energy number lashing out against the haters that, once challenged, find they have nothing left to say.

Immediate highlight for me is “Landfill”. I love the industrial sound and the up-tempo beat. It’s one for dancing round the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and will be a great mosh-pit inducer when played live. It boldly delves into the realms of electronica, verging in places on NIN style but not as dark and still uniquely belonging in the arms of Eve to Adam.

“Lucky” brings us a catchy opening riff, an exciting chorus with machine-gun-style guitars, frenetic drumming and interesting time signature changes to keep you on your toes.

Dropping the pace down for “Chasing Ghosts” the passion and emotion that our rock-god quad put into what they do can really be felt here. The track ends with a brilliant digital soundscape like an electronic wasp stuck inside your speakers.

As much as I’d like to feature every single shiny track, I’ll take you to the finish line with bluesy anthem “Day Drinkin’” – a sheer celebration of the rock n’ roll lifestyle and sense of family and belonging it creates – something these guys clearly can’t live without. You can already see the hands in the air as the crowd sing along to this one at the live shows. It does hark back to a classic rock style and works as a gentle reminder of their roots yet still delivers a solid wall of modern rock sound.

The overall intensity and drive of the album signifies a band that, despite the trials and tribulations along the way, are not willing to give up. They are, in fact, at the top of their game and have everything to play for. If like me you’re a late discoverer of Eve to Adam – now’s definitely the time to lend them your ears.

Odyssey was released on February 20th

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