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Review: Fueled Hate – March of the Pigs

Fueled Hate from Corby are a five piece who started their journey in January 2012. Line-up changes have occurred since the inception, but like any strong relationship, they’re now stable. The crew are Raymond Lindsay – vocals, Grem Darroch – guitar/backing vocals, Barry Phillips – guitar, Lukas Mozdzenski – bass and David Lindsay – drums.

The band’s taste is not of one genre. There are many, from Detroit’s clown-core band the Insane Clown Posse to icons in Pantera to the ‘Modfather’ Paul Weller. This is an eclectic mix for sure which brings a new generation for fans of rap metal core. Through word of mouth their live performances got them invited to perform at last year’s Bloodstock festival.

March of The Pigs starts with a lively old school metal guitar riff on “Random Thoughts” until Lindsay (Raymond) interrupts with a sudden shouted “Go!”. “Hide and Seek” and “Bomb” are two highlights of this record. Both showing they have no boundaries on the music they play. The spitting metal rap vocals on “This Life” reminds me of E-Town Concrete. The coalition of these guys pours vibrancy, and when Lindsay’s vocals explode, it’s able to straighten a contortionist.

“Dogs” starts off in a spoken word format, backing with a sexy little guitar riff – is this slam poetry? Nope, David Lindsay hits the drums like his life depends on it, the guitar riff explodes into a fire hungry riff. “Calling” allows you to feel the power of their music. A great realisation that their live sound must be a sight and sound to be part of.

March of the Pigs finishes with “Begging”, another energy zapping track that once it ends allows us all to relax. This album is intense, aggressive and wonderfully dirty, and I love it!

Get involved, get to their album launch in Kettering. For more information see their facebook event page.

March of the Pigs is out via Attic Records on February 25th

Fueled Hate: officialfacebook | twitter


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