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EP Review: Enormity Falls – Scars & Bruises

We first featured Nottingham’s Enormity Falls back in August of 2014 as our Band of the Day. We were struck at the time with their originality and excellent use of three different vocalists to great effect. We thought it was beyond time that we checked back to see what they were up to and we came across a second EP Scars & Bruises which, much like its predecessor Voices, is a damn fine piece of work

I had the chance to listen to the EP quite a few times and it is definitely a grower with four very solid songs that actually appear to almost outdo each other in their complexity, overall sound and atmospheres.

EP Opener “Oceans” is a more stripped back (for Enormity Falls) straight forward rocker. Good opening riffs make way for a more reflective vocal verse. When the chorus picks up all three vocalists join in and make it huge. The use of three vocalists really make the song and the EP. They complement each other but each voice has a completely different style and they use them well and sparingly to give you a great overall effect. The lead vocals are heavy and full of menace and when interjected with moments of a clearer singing voice, the difference makes each part stand out more. “Oceans” is an epic opener that builds and builds.

“Hold Out For the Hopeless” brings us back down a level, a quieter opening, with low layered interwoven vocals building the atmosphere. A different vocalist this time leading but again matched with the other singers. What I like about Enormity Falls is that whilst this is technically very good it’s also extremely melodic. This is achieved on two levels, firstly with the use of these vocalists and secondly with the way they build those melodies throughout the band and then they hammer them home with pounding bass and drums. These are all huge songs executed expertly.

By “Revival” I am pretty much hooked. “Revival” doesn’t mess around and starts at the level the previous two tracks ended on and this is another reason this EP works well – it’s well paced and thought out. It is taking you and your emotions with it on the ride. By now if you are not in the pit you may as well leave because you’d have to be soulless to not want to join in.

Final track “XVII” gives you a second or two to breathe before they start that increase in intensity again. It a surprisingly catchy song, almost pop-like and a great EP finisher. The lead riff and vocal combination on the chorus works extremely well and is one of those moments where everything comes together just perfectly, making the song addictive.

This is a band that deserves your attention and definitely worthy of a second look by us here at Moshville Times. This is a great EP that if you take the time to invest in will surely take you away on the crest of its wave. The songs are huge, hammered home, expertly played and full of big emotions. These guys are worthy of all our attention and we certainly look forward to hearing more of them.

Scars & Bruises EP is out now

Enormity Falls: facebook | soundcloud

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