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Review: Samskaras – Asunder

Samskaras are a two-piece act from Montreal, consisting of Eric Burnet (vocals, guitar and bass) and Alexandre Dupras (drums). The Montreal-based duo release their debut EP Asunder today, following on from two singles (“Red Hill” and “Consecrate”) released in 2014.

Describing themselves as simply “metal”, the band draw heavily from the likes of Gorguts and Cryptopsy. From the opening second of “Fuelscape” you know you’re in for something special and your ears will take an absolute belting from the ferocious wall of sound that erupts. Blastbeat drums overlaid with a heavy bass thrum are themselves overlaid with both melodic and guttural vocals and strident guitars.

You’re definitely on the heavy end of the scale here, but there’s no one genre or subgenre represented – it’s death, grind and traditional metal wrapped up in a spiky package, dipped in venom and repeatedly smashed into your face. Even the EP’s gentler moments such as the intro to “Solar” are razor-edged and atmospheric; a teasing precursor of what’s to come, not a step in a different direction.

“Separate” doesn’t disappoint, either, and provides possibly the most pummelling segments on the album…until the drum-heavy salvos that open “Conqueror” kick in, accompanied by deep, spewing vocals.

Asunder is an EP to listen to many times over. It can be a complete neck-snapper, but pop on some decent headphones and listen carefully and there’s so much depth to the sound due to the clever intertwining of the many layers.

Asunder is out today, January 20th 2017

Samskaras: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | ifmerch

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