Review: Mother’s Cake – No Rhyme No Reason

There are so many things I like about this album it’s hard to know where to start. I plucked Mother’s Cake out based on their blues/psych rock tag and thought I’d have a listen. I wasn’t disappointed, far from it in fact. No Rhyme No Reason is one of those albums where every time you listen to it you go deeper into another layer and see it in a new light. It’s almost as though it morphs depending on your mood.

These intelligently arranged songs are thoughtfully laced together and there is absolutely no pretension. This superb Austrian rock trio are not trying to be something they are not. They merge psychedelia and rock effortlessly and bring to the table so many delightful musical elements to keep your ears pricked up throughout.

This is Mother’s Cake’s third studio album and having given the previous two releases a listen it seems clear to me that this record shows a progression in maturity and confidence to reflect the band’s growing experience and popularity. They’ve not done too badly live too having already supported AC/DC, Iggy Pop, Deftones, Wolfmother and Pentagram to name a few.

The opening and (almost) title track “No Rhyme or Reason” gives you a juicy taster of what’s to come and showcases singer and guitarist Yves Krismer’s versatile voice as well as the band’s infectious style. Second track “H8” delves much deeper into the psychedelia and space rock genre adding trippy samples and sounds but without getting too Ozric Tentacles on us.

The first track to really stand out for me was “Black Roses”. It’s an accomplished and atmospheric song packed with luscious vocals and meaty bluesy guitar sounds. The song builds into a crescendo with a groovy guitar lick and plenty of cymbal crashing before fading out.

Raising the tempo and getting a little heavier with a seriously catchy chorus is “Now or Never”. With a melodic riff running throughout and a funky bassline, I would have thought this track would be in the running to be released as a single.

At first I thought “The Sun” was very reminiscent of Kula Shaker’s sound, but as the track evolves there are so many other elements to it that you realise their sound is purely their own; clever syncopated rhythm, layer upon layer of soaring vocals and energetic drums with another truckload of Jan Haussels’ crashing cymbals.

The pace then slows down into a lush, bluesy number with a catchy opening riff on “Streetja Man”. At almost 10 minutes long, it gives us a moment to pause in the album and get swept away and engulfed in the spacey, psychedelic samples until around 7:30 minutes when the funky almost Chilli Peppers-style bass comes in to bring us back around and lead us to the end of the track. I think Flea would be impressed with Benedikt Trenkwalder’s exciting bass playing (and what a great name!).

“Enemy” is another corker of a track beautifully blending their indie, psych and blues rock influences. Definitely one to crank up loud on the hi-fi too *reaches to turn up the volume*.

There is no sense of the album fading out when penultimate track “Hide and Seek” hits us with the lyric “I am bored to death by cold hearted fools”. It’s another great atmospheric accumulation of sounds from three very skilled musicians and some quality mixing and production.

With an array of inspiring sonic ingredients, anyone with a tendency for psych or space rock won’t be disappointed taking a bite from this Mother’s Cake.

If you’re following Moshville Times from down under then you can catch Mother’s Cake on their Australian tour next month:

  • Feb 10th – Black Bear Lodge – Fortitude Valley, Australia
  • Feb 11th – The Factory Floor – Sydney, Australia
  • Feb 12th – The Small Ballroom – Islington, Australia
  • Feb 16th – Enigma Bar – Adelaide, Australia
  • Feb 17th – Evelyn Hotel – Melbourne, Australia
  • Feb 19th The Basement – Belconnen, Australia

And extensive European tour into March and April:

  • Mar 08 –               Roxy                      Ulm, Germany
  • Mar 09 –              Bar Le Grattoir   Gérardmer, France
  • Mar 10 –              Forum                   Mannheim, Germany
  • Mar 11 –              Bastard Club       Osnabruck, Germany
  • Mar 12 –              Exil                         Gottingen, Germany
  • Mar 14 –              Lux                         Hannover, Germany
  • Mar 15 –              Forum                   Bielefeld, Germany
  • Mar 16 –              Drucklufthaus    Oberhausen, Germany
  • Mar 17 –              LCB                         Wuppertal, Germany
  • Mar 18 –              Rock Center       Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Mar 19 –              Villa                        Rotenburg (Wümme), Germany
  • Mar 21 –              Schaubude         Kiel, Germany
  • Mar 22 –              Kleiner Donner  Hamburg, Germany
  • Mar 23 –              MAU Club            Rostock, Germany
  • Mar 24 –              Musik&Frieden Berlin, Germany
  • Mar 25 –              Museumskeller Erfurt, Germany
  • Mar 27 –              Stereo                  Nurnberg, Germany
  • Mar 28 –              Glashaus              Bayreuth, Germany
  • Mar 29 –              Moritzbastei      Leipzig, Germany
  • Mar 30 –              Das Bett               Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mar 31 –              Universum          Stuttgart, Germany
  • Apr 01 –               Backstage            Munchen, Germany
  • Apr 07 –               PPC                        Graz, Austria
  • Apr 08 –               Rockhouse          Salzburg, Austria
  • Apr 13 –               Rössli Bar             Bern, Switzerland
  • Apr 14 –               Coq d’Or              Olten, Switzerland
  • Apr 15 –               Conrad Sohm     Dornbirn, Austria
  • Apr 20 –               Mammut Bar      Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Apr 21 –               Posthof                Linz, Austria
  • Apr 22 –               Treibhaus            Innsbruck, Austria
  • Apr 29 –               Arena                    Vienna, Austria

No Rhyme No Reason is out on 27th January 2017

Mother’s Cake: official | facebook | spotify | you tube

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