Review: Mindlane – Unspoken Silence

Mindlane may not be a band you’ve heard of before, but you might have experienced output from some of its members. Joonas Niskanen (One Without, Characters – guitars), Reine Svensson (Outshine – vocals) and Hannu Mäkelä (Characters – drums) have toured with the likes of Paradise Lost, Everygrey and Doro between them. They’re joined on this album by guest screamer Andreas Solverströms (ex-Amaranthe).

Unspoken Silence is an interesting mix of atmospheric melancholia, dark brooding passages, djent and metalcore. An odd marriage-a-trois but one that works as the harsher sections act as outcries and outbursts of agony erupting from the pained, gothic progressive sections.

While not quite gelling in the way a true twin-vocalled act may, Solverströms’ vocals are used to good effect and I would hope help prevent damage to Svensson’s vocal cords! I found the album best played as background music at first. It took a couple of listens for my head to get around the mood – and it is very much a mood piece.

The music’s great, of that there is no doubt, and it’s deceptively simple. Every track seems to flow, in particular the more laid-back parts despite themselves frequently having heavily distorted rhythm guitars behind them. However, listen more carefully and you can hear multiple layers and careful timing allowing the two singers to intermingle and project the desired emotions for each track.

I found Unspoken Silence an album that snuck up on me. It’s not the kind of music I’d generally listen to, so I had it on in the background as I did other things just to let my brain soak in it for a while. It didn’t take long until I realised I was nodding my head to the rhythm, tapping my foot and becoming immersed. It’s just the right mix of various styles. Enough to hook you with its grooves and rhythms, and then drag your mind into the melancholic depths.

Top tracks on the album are “Said And Done” for its lead vocals and “Outside Your Blindfold Eyes” for having the best riffs.

Unspoken Silence is out on February 2nd

Mindlane: official | facebook

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