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Review: Less Than Jake – Sound The Alarm

Sound the Alarm is Less Than Jake’s label debut with Pure Noise Records. The record was self-produced by the band’s own Roger Lima and mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room.

Less Than Jake’s last album, released in 2013, See The Light, was described by Vinnie as his favourite Less Than Jake album. Again, they produced and wrote it all themselves.  I personally loved the last album and couldn’t wait to hear the new material on Sound the Alarm.

Overall this album is the upbeat “awesomeness” we have come to expect from Less Than Jake. Sound the Alarm, whilst shorter than previous releases, certainly makes an impact!

The first track, “Call to Arms”, starts with an almost “metal” intro which soon gives way to the ska tones we all love.  We often come to think of ska music as “happy go lucky, carefree” music. However if you take the time to listen to the lyrics in “Call to Arms” you realise this is a song about redemption and not coming undone in everyday life’s stresses and strains – something we can all appreciate. An upbeat, happy song with a serious message, put across in the unique Less Than Jake way.

Photo: Amy Harris-Abbott

The second track, “Whatever the Weather”, has a distinctly reggae feel to it.  Again, another song about hard times, written very well.  I can picture myself driving by a beach listening to this in a reflective mood.  This is also felt in the fourth track “Welcome to my Life”.

My favourite track on the album, “Good Sign”, feels like a rebellious song.  It reminds me of how “She” by Green Day makes me feel. A little rebellious, a little bit put upon, but like I can come through this fighting.

Generally, this whole album is written about overcoming problems and surviving, something a lot is us may be feeling in the present climate. However, being Less Than Jake, everything has a positive spin, an upbeat feel and generally can’t fail to improve even the most dour of moods.

One thing is for certain, I cannot wait to hear this performed live and hope to catch up with these guys at Slam Dunk!

Sound the Alarm is out on February 3rd

Track List:

  1. Call to Arms
  2. Whatever the Weather
  3. Bomb Drop
  4. Welcome to My Life
  5. Good Sign
  6. Years of Living Dangerously
  7. Things Change

Less Than Jake: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | myspace

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