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Review: Fall of Carthage – The Longed-For Reckoning

Around the time of 149 BC the battle of Carthage ensued. The main engagement of the Third Punic Wars, between the African city of Carthage and the Roman Empire. The Empire proceeded to destroy and take this city. Millions of people from both sides died and according to history, it’s amongst the biggest loss-of-life events prior to the modern era.

This is the Fall of Carthage.

The Battle and Fall of Carthage was brought to the attention of modern moviegoers in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. That moment when Russell Crowe’s character angered the Emperor, not with the change of Carthage history, but the knowledge he is still alive. This led to that infamous speech “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius…” I’m sure you know the rest.

In 2014 a trio of music lovers joined forces to create music that breaks through boundaries. In their own words, they “Ignore genres for the sake of heavy music.” They are Sascha Aßbach (vocals), Arkadius Antonik (guitars) and Martin Buchwalter (drums). Together they are Fall of Carthage. Their debut Behold came out in 2015. The resultant touring along with the writing of new material brings us the second album The Longed for Reckoning, released via MDD records on the 27th January 2017.

The record opens with “Fast Forward”. A delicate intro for a band who have a touch of Five Finger Death Punch and Parkway Drive in them. But fear not, the drums explode to life.

Throughout this 16-track record there’s a Phil Anselmo deep spoken voice style, reminiscent of Pantera’s “Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills”.  Sascha Aßbach, this vocalist is a great find, can change from a spoken attitude adjuster to a poetically viable flow, which you hear on “Dust and Dirt”.

“Sick Intentions” stands out. The guitar riffs and Martin Buchwalter’s drum speed is exceptional. The heaviness doesn’t hold back. The catchy lyrics have a fist pumping moment with “I am not the one, I’m not the one, to raise my fucking fist”. It kicks the doldrums from the beginning of reality.

“They’re Alive” has a degree of a grunge presence in it. Moving to “Swept to the Edge” another formula kicks in. Vocals flow like the years of the rap metal crossover genre. Fall of Carthage add to it. This is serious headbanging music, people. “Complete” is almost an instrumental, bringing the tone to a gentle meditative state. “Breathe in, Breathe Out”, which you’ll hear on many meditation tapes – this is going along the lines of a Headspace app.

One for the crossover generation is “Whodini Peckawood”, like previous track “Swept to the Edge”. The gruff voiced rap flow at the beginning has me chanting “drunk Christy Mack.” But, obviously in a quieter way. “Down Like Honey” starts with an audio of why streams shouldn’t be crossed – the famous scene from Ghostbusters.

These guys have fire in their guts and talent that flies free like beasts from a cage, with songs such as “Paint in White” and “Bury the Crisis”. Then their dynamics go to the rap flow that works well with “Purile Scumbug”. This trio open themselves to pushing their music with new concepts. It finishes with a flourish with “Black December” another high powered, driven track.

2017’s The Longed-For Reckoning is already on my list for record of the year. We hope you have learned about the Fall of Carthage.

The Longed-For Reckoning is out on January 27th

Fall of Carthage: facebook | twitter | official

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