Review: System Of Hate – Unhallowed Ground

This band seem fearless, as they barge their way through punk avenues at a breakneck speed. System Of Hate are an act with a spirit many bands lack, rolling out songs that will attract the poet within you. They create intelligent wordplay, weaving and placing those words correctly, with ease and inventiveness.

A state of anxiousness is evident. The music is fierce, but there is a sense of unrest; of deep panic. It’s heard in the songs that make up Unhallowed Ground, an album brimming with searing riffs and energy. This energy marries well with darkness and sombreness. And yes, the songs may seem upbeat when the crashing guitars overlap, but there’s a pessimistic tone that thunders through.

With punk, there’s no obligations. It’s a movement that doesn’t hold you or contain you, it drives you to become a person of curiosity. It has its weirdos and people that are drawn to its rawness. It’s a genre powered by a DIY ethic. The disenchanted traveller also listens to punk as an escape mechanism away from the tediousness of day to day life. System Of Hate embody punk rock. Their album pushes for hope. It doesn’t cling onto lost moments. It doesn’t crash into tarnished memories. It’s about the here and the now.

The record begins with “Rogue Apostle”, a track that opens with a solid guitar riff that complements the harsh vocals. The wisdom of the words shine through, managing to create an electrifying atmosphere. “Antichrist” is a revealing track. It describes death and conveys a sense of longing too. The song plays emphatically well with the cutting-edge guitar sequence. “Mutilation” is fast and expertly driven, communicating dark lyrics and negativity.

System Of Hate are a band keeping fierce punk alive. They’re a group that don’t give a damn!

System of Hate: official | facebook | twitter

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