Review: Psython – Outputs

Samuel L. Jackson might want to reconsider his hatred for snakes because Psython’s debut album Outputs is a thrash masterpiece. Municipal Waste, Lost Society, D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies… If you enjoy hazardous vocals, fast-paced drumming and riveting riffs then look no further because Thrashmas has come early. This Sheffield based five-piece are one to hammer down to all year round.

Let me start off by saying I’m digging their album art; I can’t help but sense steampunk vibes. Cards on the table, I delved into their first full-length track (it’s preceded by a brief intro) “Careless Whispers” unsure of what to expect as I was apprehensive about listening to their sampler first – I’m not entirely sure why. Being someone who favours thrash as much as hardcore punk, I was in my element. I feel as though this hidden gem sounds like the unborn spawn of Tony Foresta and Samy Elbanna. It’s packed with high-powered aggression and a true masculine sound from start to finish so it’s right up my alley! Picture this: you’re at a gig, the pit has begun to form (no snakes were harmed), you’ve had a few beers and you can feel pure adrenaline coursing through your veins during the lead up to the chaos that is about to unravel. You might as well join forces with CM Punk because the edge is strong with this one!

It’s extremely rare that an album grabs my attention without enduring a mild temptation to skip mindlessly between songs until I find one that I like. It’s diabolical to say the least but the consistent diversity of styles, rhythms and normal to abnormal vocal range kept me on my toes. “Dave 1.1” is the embodiment of enthrallment, it’s the shortest track on the album but it’s not for the faint-hearted, the sound is heavy and harsh! Next up is “Blunt”, it sounds as though it belongs in amongst a Cannabis Corpse album but sweet mother of Mary Jane I’ve already been headbanging along to this consecutively. If you love perfectly strummed riffs and find yourself consistently tapping your fingers and carelessly head bopping away, you’ll go crazy for this obscurity… I certainly did!

“GBQ” on the other hand is raw, explosive and sharp. These boys certainly don’t hold back with this number; it probably won’t fit everyone’s preference but it was refreshing for me to witness what I would deem as their wilder side, especially this early on. “Trust In Us”, the second shortest track on the album, is an exemplar of this. Straightaway you’re greeted with a sudden burst of intensity which is orchestrated both vocally and instrumentally throughout; it sounds as though it should be featured in an MMORPG of some sort. “DNA” left me with a Chelsea Grin (not literally!) plastered over my face, it’s rhythmic, demonstrates elements of hard rock and the shredding is heaven sent – I feel as though dads who favour music from the 80s era would enjoy this track because it’s extremely versatile!

“Serpentes” caught me off guard, at one point I was convinced I had my doom playlist on Spotify accidently playing. I don’t deem that as being a bad thing, perhaps I’m slightly biased since it could be argued that the song stands out like a sore thumb in amongst the rest of the tracks with its dark and atmospheric vibe but the high-pitched screams and melodic drumming pattern make for an insightful track and it was one that I happen to be fond of. “Opposition” brings us straight back to the dynamic and nonchalant vibe we are familiar with. At this point I was pleasantly surprised with what I had heard and was on the verge of having my own metaphorical “Meltdown” since the punk roots are prevalent in this featured track and I go crazy for it. “Fatality” is everything that you would expect, it might even be speedier than Sonic the Hedgehog, I guess time will tell. The album is brought to a halt with “gRAPEfruit” which is exquisite and represents thrash in all of its glory – you won’t be needing energy drinks to get a boost, just lie back and crank up the volume!

Rating: 8.5/10

Outputs is available now direct from Psython’s bandcamp page.

Psython: facebook | twitterbandcamp

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