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Review: 1000mods – Repeated Exposure to…

I promise, it is not intentional that I am reviewing another band based in Greece! This time it is actually a band I know and really enjoy, 1000mods. Their new album Repeated Exposure to… was released in the UK on the 5th of December. The Greek heavy rockers put so much work and effort into their new album, leaving their fans more than satisfied!

Tested at the gym, while walking, in the shower and in my room while screaming and head banging to the mirror. Passed! The album starts with “Above179”, a song that is still stuck in my head, and I personally think is the defining song of the album. You can safely say by that very first song it could be Dani’s best work so far in terms of vocals. Powerful guitar riffs and drumming! It makes you envy anyone who saw them or is going to see them performing the album live.

The most powerful song of the album is “A.W.”, and when you listen to it pay specific attention to the guitar and drumming. You just want to headbang and have a good time while listening to it. Technically speaking, the songs might not be the most complex or difficult, but not all great songs have to be like that. Music is also the way the song makes you feel, and Repeated Exposure to…  surely knows how to fill you up with energy. The clear and high quality sound is very well appreciated and shows the professional work that was done in the studio.

Repeated Exposure to… is definitely a great third album by 1000mods and it could be considered as their best, most energetic and powerful so far. It’s definitely a more heavy rock style, and is not moving so much towards psychedelic influences, something that I personally liked even more. There could have been some more different sounds in the album, maybe more unique guitar riffs, but I will leave that to the next release hopefully.

Overall, the album was not a disappointment, but a nice surprise to all the fans out there. Anyone who is not in Greece or Cyprus to see the band live, you can catch them at Desertfest 2017 in London on the 28th April.

Repeated Exposure to… is out in the UK now.

1000mods: facebook | youtube | twitter

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