Review: Rammstein – XXI Klavier

Yesterday (11 November) Rammstein subtly released a new album XXI Klavier. On their official website the announcement simply reads:

Rammstein – XXI Klavier, a collection of Rammstein songs arranged on piano, is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

rammstein-xxi-klavierThe track listing is as follows:

  1. Frühling in Paris
  2. Feuer und Wasser
  3. Nebel
  4. Sonne
  5. Klavier
  6. Wilder Wein
  7. Ohne dich
  8. Ein Leid
  9. Roter Sand
  10. Engel
  11. Seemann
  12. Donaukinder
  13. Mein Hertz brennt

There has been a music book titled XXI – Klavier available since the beginning of this year, which includes the same thirteen tracks specially arranged for piano, together with a CD. It seems that they have decided to formally release the CD to satisfy fans eager for new music… or perhaps to gather a few pennies together as Christmas is approaching.

For me the slower songs such as “Frühling in Paris”, “Ohne dich”, “Ein Leid”, “Seemann” and “Roter Sand” translate better into the piano format than some of the heavier tracks such as “Sonne” or “Engel”. However “Mein Hertz brennt” works very well, and is very similar to the piano version of the track that was released back in 2012.

Rammstein opened their festival performances and headline shows at Waldbühne in Berlin this summer with a brand new track titled “Ramm4”; a song largely made up of titles of and lyrics from other Rammstein songs. The band have yet to formally release “Ramm4” as a single; perhaps waiting until the next album is complete.

On 9th November Till Lindemann joined his friend Peter Tägtgren on stage in Hamburg and they performed “Praise Abort” live for the very first time. “Praise Abort” is taken from Skills In Pills by Lindemann and Tägtgren’s side-project “Lindemann”, which was released in June 2015. Fan footage of the performance can be found on YouTube.

XXI – Klavier is available to purchase electronically on Spotify and iTunes.

Rammstein: official | facebook | twitter

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