Review: Kyros – Vox Humana

Later this week, progressive rock band from London, Kyros will release their second studio album. At over 80 minutes, Vox Humana is a concept album, though it feels more like a collection of short stories with a common theme, as opposed to a novel with a singular story arc.

That’s not to say that Vox Humana is anything less than a concise work of art; the music flows steadily, carrying the listener through with a calculated pace, and not a single jarring interruption. Interludes provide bridges between stories, and they never feel gratuitous or over-indulgent, which is quite an achievement for such a grandiose composition.

Progressive rock can be an acquired taste, but this album is sure to be respected by even the most casual fans of the genre. In a time when the album format itself is struggling to stay relevant under a deluge of maladroit, filler-laden, dialed-in products, Vox Humana is a real adventure. And you won’t find yourself skipping through to get to the good stuff, as it delivers consistently throughout the long journey.

Pre-order Vox Humana here.

Kyros: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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