Review: Gabriel and the Apocalypse – The Ghost Parade

Hailing from Prince’s birthplace of Minneapolis, comes a unique blend of genres that quenches the thirst. They go by the name of Gabriel and the Apocalypse, the brainchild of vocalist Lindy Gabriel. They already have two releases backed by numerous national support tours around the United States and now it is time to hear their latest offering to the Gods of Rock.

Gabriel and the ApocalypseSigning with Pavement Entertainment led the band to work on their latest release, Ghost Parade which is available to buy now. Since their formation they’ve put together some impressive videos that have collated an underground following. With this they have been given a deal for worldwide distribution, which coincided with their Wednesday 13 tour throughout October.

“March of the Dolls” opens with a dark deep bassline. It’s an introduction to Lindy Gabriel the creator of this outfit. A chance to hear an attitude in her vocals so powerful, it reminds me of My Ruins, Tairrie B, who I love to bits.

The atmospheric rose of this album is “Everything is Red”. The instrumental has an unnerving touch, just how Marilyn Manson managed to pull off back in the day when Portrait of an American Family appeared on the world of music. This track has much going on in it. It’s heart thumping drums. This is a track I would love to have heard when metal clubs still ruled the roost in London.

“Behind the Sun” changes the gear to a gentle melody, it shows another side to the band and Gabriel’s vocals. But that’s just a moment as we get right back on that horse for more guitar riffs with an electronic sound in “Beauty Under Glass”, “The Place Between” and “Thrill to Kill” – the latter another highlight as Gabriel flows the lyrics like they are part of her… maybe they are.

Never hearing of these guys before, it’s been such a revelation to hear Gabriel and the Apocalypse. There are moments that remind me of Manson. The vocal strength of Tairrie B mixed with the atmospheric uncomfortability of the wonderful PJ Harvey.

The Ghost Parade was released October 7, 2016. It features the new single and video “Beauty Under Glass”, which is right below. Have a watch and love it.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse: official | facebook | twitter

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