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Review: Eldorado – Riding The Sun

Eldorado are a Spanish band who we’ve been lucky enough to cover a few times in the past. In a couple of days, November 15th, they release their new album the cover of which announced The Genuine Groove of Eldorado in “Riding The Sun”. And yes, it’s groovy.

Yes. I know it's Spanish.

Yes. I know it’s Spanish.

I guess you’d lump Eldorado under “light rock” with a definite trippy 70’s feel. Hell, the album opens with a flipping didgeridoo at the start of the title track. Once things get going, frontman Jesús Trujillo’s organ (not that one) and vocals chime into the mix. Those vocals are given an airy, ethereal quality which just lends to the feeling that any video should feature women with bouffant perms, wearing flowing white gowns and waving their arms around while they stare into the middle distance.

“Gossip Crow” adds an edge of funk, helped to a large part by César Sanchez’s plucked bassline. Andrés Duende gets to muck in with some cracking guitar riffs, too. All this held together by the beats of Javi Planelles. The track builds towards a great, head-nodder of a climax.

The band’s balladic muscles are stretched by “Forever on the Run”, “As It Should Be” and “She Rules the Sky”. Each one an acoustic, or predominantly acoustic, number and each utterly spellbinding.

Indeed, there are some genuinely superb tracks on here and what really sells the album is its ability to hit the emotions. Closer “The Last Goodbye” is, for this reason, probably the best song despite being tacked on the end. However, it’s the best of a very good bunch.

With a range of songs which collectively prove that good musical styles never die, they just get recycled forty years later, Eldorado have produced a beautiful album of 1970’s rock music. Any band of that era who released this could have expected to go far. Here’s hoping Eldorado can ride that wave, too.

Eldorado: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | reverbnation | myspace | bandcamp

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