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Review: Besieged – Aggressor

With the release of their 6 track EP, Aggressor, Besieged are making their break-through to UK’s thrash metal scene. The band were formed in Birmingham in 2012 and include members from internationally established bands: Ash (Benediction) on drums and Dan (Anaal Nathrak) on guitar.

besieged-aggressorThe band brand themselves as “full-frontal thrash metal” and they have hit it spot on! Each track on the EP is incredible from start to finish.  It is full of extremely talented guitar riffs and heavy vocals which drew me in immediately. Listening to this every day going to university gave me the energy I needed in dreary mornings – it gets you going! I must admit that I was always on the fence about thrash metal but after listening to Besieged I have been converted to the genre.

Undoubtedly, “Born in the Vault” was my favourite track in the EP for its thrilling riffs, drum solos and ground-breaking vocals. I was blown away from the very first note. For listeners of the likes of Slayer, Megadeth, Testament and Death I would recommend to give Besieged a listen – you will be headbanging uncontrollably before you know it.

Besieged: official | facebook | youtube

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