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Review: Bacterial Husk – Agnosia of Omens

In an age of countless copies this is a band moniker that can’t fail but to pique your interest.  Bacterial Husk hail from Boston, US and EP Agnosia of Omens is the band’s debut release.

bacterial-husk-headerFrom the old school artwork to such fantastic song titles as “Sculpting the Locust Deity” and “Leech Carriage”, the omens are good and the music certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Agnosia of Omens delivers five tracks of uncompromising, wonderfully short and punchy old school death metal with a fresh and welcome twist.  From the galloping and dirty bass, to the brutally sickening vocals, there’s so much to like about this record and despite its brevity (at under fifteen minutes) there’s enough great breaks and foot stomping riffs on display to fill a far longer effort.

The main riff on third track “Leech Carriage” brilliantly demonstrates the band’s craftsmanship and is simply awesome.  On the evidence of this, comparisons to legends such as Gorguts and Cannibal Corpse seem fully deserved.

Agnosia of Omens is a truly accomplished debut and really captures what an EP should be: short and memorable, leaving the listener desperate for another fix.  Let’s hope these guys deliver one soon.

Agnosia of Omens is out on 15 December 2016 via their Big Cartel page

Bacterial Husk: facebook | bandcamp

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