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Review: Witchmaster/Voidhanger – Razing the Shrines of Optimism (split)

I will start off by saying I do like both bands – I like Witchmaster for their Satanic Black Metal. I like Voidhanger as their influences go beyond into the Thrash and Death Metal boundaries. So by combining the two we are left with a truck load of Black Metal mixed with more heavier genres of metal, to create a raw and bleak sound, which is what I believe this album/split offers.

The first track on the album, “Permafrost”, is by Witchmaster whose raw and energetic beats pave the way for some of the most dark and incredible vocals that I have heard in awhile. These mixed with so much power from the battery which further fuel the adverse vocals.

witchmaster-voidswinger-razing-the-shrines-of-optimism“Tanz Debil”, also by Witchmaster, has more soldiering drums that speed right into your brain and – let me tell you – it’s rather difficult to get that out of your head!  I have also picked up many melodies that again are just as dense as the drums, and powerful vocals, that add dimension between this and “Permafrost”.

The following three tracks: “Tormentor Infernal”, “Morbid Death” and “Satanic Metal Attack” are all live versions, and when these play you feel as though you are actually watching them live. With an unrestrained sound, and some very skilled drumming and wailing guitars they create good, proper Black Metal tracks in all of their formations.

At the end of “Satanic Metal Attack” it’s time for Voidhanger who open up their part of the split with “Burnout Hearts Exhibition” which displays influences from bands like Celtic Frost, with a very dominant Thrash metal battery. Vocalist Warcrimer even has a very similar vocal sound to Tom G.Warrior. Myself being a big Celtic Frost fan and Voidhanger being heavily influenced by them, I can say I love everything about “Burnout Hearts Exhibition” in terms of the musical genius behind it.

“Dyskretny Urok Epadku” is also by Voidhanger and has more Thrash and Death influences with speedy drums and melodic guitars and manages to make the track rather explosive. The track has many tempo changes that again make this an enjoyable number… much like the entire album.

The split then ends with Voidhanger’s “Through the Holocaust of Optimism” which is a Black Metal soaked song, with so many elements that make you want to headbang until you’re blind, with so many riffs coming together I just find this track so captivating. An amazing way to end a beautiful and mesmerising album.

Razing the Shrines of Optimism is out on December 2nd

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