Review: Soulemission – Tales of Inevitable Death

Soulemission are a black metal trio hailing from the Netherlands, and are creators of Tales of Inevitable Death which is due to be released on Halloween of this year. The album is replete with death and thrash metal influences, and even has guest musicians including Niklas Kvarforth, from Sweden’s Shining, and Menthor from Enthroned.

The album kicks off with “Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes” where melodies that sound very similar to those of Dissection, (or perhaps Watain). These pave the way for raw and dense vocals, filled with bags of energy from every element on the track, broken down with symphonic melodies to create an atmospheric piece of art.

soulemission-tales-of-inevitable-deathThe more I listen to Tales of Inevitable Death, the more I fall in love with the album. Perhaps it’s because of the fast melodic guitars, or the harsh vocals? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this album is just perfect, where every element of the album is entwined. The drums mix with those melodic guitars flawlessly, and the battery mixes with the vocals seamlessly. I also find it difficult to find any faults with the album because of how the band have created such a heavy atmosphere that any fan of the genre can love.

“Seas of Emptiness”, the fourth track on the album, is one that stands out and is the track that includes Niklas Kvarforth. The track itself is perhaps the gloomiest on the album, with solid battery mixing with fierce vocals to create one hell of a dark and catchy track in all of it’s beauty. This track for me really defines what black metal is.

Hate-filled, misanthropic metal infused with the brace of death is another example of how I would describe the album, especially with “Where Fallen Angels Dare” which again has melodies that are catchy and quick and is filled to the brim of dark and bleak filled black metal. “Perished Entity” is the only instrumental piece and it adds a lot of depth to the album, with softer melodies that build-up to open for the final track on the album “Glorification of Elimination”. As the sound of the bells mark the end of the track, it makes me wonder how much this album defines the black metal genre.

Tales of Inevitable Death is out on October 31st.

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