Review: Nomadic – Horror

The American progressive death/black metal band Nomadic, released their debut EP titled Horror this past spring. It includes five songs in total, and remains true to their genre in every kind of meaning. Sudden rhythm changes, crushing guitar riffs, combination of growl, scream and clean vocals, and blast beats make up this release.

nomadic-horrorThe whole EP has a cinematic vibe what is easily derived from the title. That also adds a bit of avantgarde to the mix. Narratives in the songs deepen the atmosphere making everything more meaningful. The only remark here is the lack of more songs — in my opinion these five tunes do not feel enough to present the whole vision. However this is something that keeps a listener excited for hearing what comes next.

It is a good thing to see that Nomadic are keen on exploring different elements in their music. Horror is a success, and it’s only a matter of time for this band to deliver something great.

Nomadic: facebook | bandcamp

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