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Review: Ice Nine Kills – Every Trick In The Book

Ever had one of those moments when you’re not expecting what comes out of your headphones or speakers? No? ok, then it’s just me. This just completely threw me. some people don’t like change or new things; some still listen to music from the 90’s and earlier. I swallowed this thing called pride, clicked play and “Nature of the Beast” opened with a theatrical musical feel all over it. This brings me right back to sitting in the Prince of Wales theatre watching the Book of Mormon. It’s interesting this concept, but not for…..hold on…it kicks off. Guttural vocals interrupt this moment of dilemma. Welcome to Ice Nine Kills and their album Every Trick in The Book.

ice-nine-kills-every-trick-in-the-bookIce Nine Kills are a four piece from the mean streets of Boston, United States (not Boston, Lincolnshire). Every Trick in The Book is their second full length album release via Fearless Records and is a pleasant surprise indeed.

The theme of this album is marked with history of literature. Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Animal Farm and Carrie to name a few. The essence continues with “Communion of the Cursed” where the unclean with clean vocals make it an enjoyable listen. It suits the theme of this record. “Bloodbath Beyond” continues, you can see this video at the bottom of the page.

These guys have put together an enjoyable record as “Star Crossed Enemies” allows the band to give Spencer his chance to prove what he can do with those vocal skills of his. “Me Myself and Hyde” Which I’m sure you can guess where that has come. It starts off with a bell toll and the theatrical vocals come in and then exactly a minute in Hyde makes an appearance.

INK spark a sense to uncover these books from the shelf while smashing wooden contraptions at the same time. The contradiction this caused within this mind of mine. The gut wrenching vocals with powerful guitar displays make this album such a pleasure to listen to.

The sound of this inventive album would be so good to hear in a live venue, re-enacting those famous scenes from some of the books they mention. Then again maybe certain parts of Carrie should be left to the mind and not vision.

Marking their faith in their musical style and adding historic literature is a sure-fire way to have their name announced loud and proud at the Hay Festival. A sight and sound that would be a great idea – let’s start a petition.

Every Trick in The Book is out on October 28th and is available to pre-order at Amazon via these links which will help keep this site funded: [amazon text=download&asin=B017MG9L54] / [amazon text=CD&asin=B015EC6SWC]

Ice Nine Kills: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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