Review: Ghost – Popestar E.P.

To say I am a fan of Ghost would be a bit of an understatement, and when listening to the latest release from the band, Popestar I feel like I have completely fallen in love with vocalist Papa Emeritus III and the band of Nameless Ghouls all over again. The E.P itself is a follow-up from 2015’s Meliora, and has reached number 1 in the Top Rocks album chart.

The E.P I can only describe as a flawless piece of art that is filled, indeed packed, with melodies. What an eccentric E.P it is. It kicks off with the energetic and hard-hitting track “Square Hammer”, which is catchy right from the start. For me the most catchy part is the chorus, and the whole track just sounds like what Ghost stand for, and it is easy to see why this track is loved by fans everywhere.

ghost-popestarFollowing through after “Square Hammer” the second track “Nocturnal Me”, is much softer. For me it has more of a classical Doom Metal sound which has an almost soldiering battery sound, and denser vocals. As the track continues, Papa E’s vocals become softer within some parts adding depth to an already fantastic song. The track itself is one that I would describe as melodic, but with softer melodies and symphonies creating an overall compelling track… a track that almost sounds like an add-on to “Mummy Dust”.

The third track on the E.P, “I Believe”, has a very ambient sound to it created through a range of melodies and – again – symphonies that build up with the help of the vocals to create a heavier harmonising sound with the addition of drums and a range of stringed instruments. The track again for me is just an incredible piece of art in the highest form.

“Missionary Man”, the fifth track on the EP, is another hard-hitting and energetic song. It has almost a punk-sound influence that just shows how limitless the band really are. It is an explosive track with so much going on, with gospel vocals mixing with the melodies of the battery and the power behind Papa E, which creates an alluring sound.

The final track on the E.P is just a spectacular piece, a softer piece of music that just fills me up with emotion. From the soft melodies of the battery to the similarly soft vocals of Papa E, even as I write these words I am struggling to keep back the tears. The whole track screams power with an array of melodies used and the creation of the build-up to the chorus is written in such a thoughtful way that it is impossible not to like.

Overall the whole E.P is just incredible with every track sounding different and yet they all come together in such a perfect way. I find it difficult not to listen to it… now I am off to listen to it again!

Popestar is out now and by buying it through these Amazon links you can support this site: [amazon text=CD&asin=B01JQV86IQ] / [amazon text=Vinyl&asin=B01LXJ8W76]

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