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Review: The Lounge Kittens – “Sequins and C-BOMBS”

The Lounge Kittens - Sequins & C-BombsI have to be honest here, I did come to this review a little biased. I pledged for this album and have been eagerly awaiting it since I first saw these lovely ladies perform at The 1865 in Southampton back in December 2014.

With this album, The Lounge Kittens take on the musical talents of the like of Alice Cooper, AC DC, The Darkness and Drowning Pool. A very varied selection of music and style and they win with this fantastic album.

The albums kicks off with ‘Poison’, a very strong start with Timia’s amazingly deep and soulful vocals.  The harmonies are astounding (as we have come to expect from Jen, Zan and Timia).  This is one of my favourite tracks from the album and sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. Singing along.  This was the first song the lady’s arranged together and they had the amazing chance to meet Alice Cooper at The Stonefree festival at London O2 in June this year where he offered to play the song on his radio show as a ‘future classic’!

Taking it to a beautiful ballad, ‘Love is Only a Feeling’, dare I say it, I actually prefer this to the original! A song I love.  Swiftly followed by ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ which make you feel like you are in a 50’s lounge room listening to rock and roll with your beau.  I found myself tapping my foot, clicking my fingers and once again singing along (not that singing along is unusual with this album!).  And credit where credit is due, the girls’ ‘guitar solos’ were impressive.

‘Africa’ originally by Toto was the only song on the album I couldn’t get into.  Whilst vocally perfect, it just didn’t fit for me with the rest of the album.  Again, this may be done to biased opinion, I am not a fan of the original, mainly down to overplay on the radio and reminding me of being stuck on in traffic on the M1 listening to Heart FM before I moved to an area which significantly better radio stations (Sam FM!).

‘Bodies’ however, wow!  This is my number 1 ‘angry driving’ song in it’s original form from Drowning Pool and the girls have done it again. This song is a close second for favourite for me on the album.  The girls killed it! Oh, and finally I now know the lyrics having spent the last 15 years ad-libbing my own! Life before Shazam, guys.

Taking the tempo down but bringing all the Kittens’ emotion, ‘Want You Bad’ of The Offspring fame is another firm favourite – I just love the piano instrumental.  Next bringing us back to the more upbeat songs we know the Kittens for ‘Sad but True’. I can’t help but picture Jen’s exceptionally mobile and expressive face when I listen to this. Also her ‘Evil Julie Andrews’ shoulder flick.

Finally I have to mention Rammstein!  The Kittens have done a Rammstein medley! This shouldn’t work but it really does! So to quote the ‘Sonne’ lyrics

One, here comes the sun

Two, here comes the sun

Three, it’s the brightest of all stars

Four, here comes the sun

And, five, here come The Lounge Kittens with their first full length album and wow! They are the brightest of all stars!

Sequins and C-Bombs is due with us on September 16th, and can be pre-ordered via their Pledge page, [amazon text=Amazon (download)&asin=B01INY87IQ] and [amazon text=Amazon (CD)&asin=B01JLNWUT0]

The Lounge Kittens: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube | instagram

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